Sex Addiction and How to Find Help


Sex addiction just like any other addiction is on the rise. But the problem is, finding adequate rehab for sex addiction. A lot of people don’t consider sex addiction a real addiction which is why a lot of rehab centers aren’t open to sex addicts. But sex addiction is quite real and a lot of people miss it’s signs, such as looking at inappropriate pictures of people having intercourse, or being demanding about intercourse with their spouse, lacking intimacy before intercourse or hiding inappropriate pictures of intercourse. But seeing the signs is the first step to diagnosing the addiction.

Now, as a spouse or partner, you are probably wondering why someone would have such an odd interaction with intercourse to the point of addiction. And the answer to that is they would are not willingly involved in these behaviors, and realize it’s the addiction, not necessarily their state of mind. Realizing that is the first step of forgiveness to yourself and to them.

Sex addiction is very difficult to manage. Due to the fact that it’s a part of life that humans wish to have pleasure and a general instinct to go forth and multiply for the sake of the species. But detaching the addiction of needing more and being able to live in a normal social environment is difficult. But places like a sexual rehab center or SAA, Sex Addicts Anonymous, are great programs to assist in the recovery of an addict of intercourse.

A lot of addiction centers boast a spiritual transformation needing to be done in order for results to be manifested, which in some cultures can be true. But at least a hundred thousand men and women in the US and Canada have stated that having a higher power has not only been therapeutic but it has been an eye opening experience to their wrongdoings to themselves and others. But finding a higher power isn’t always the answer for some addicts, therapy both group and singular has also been an eye opener. Living in solitude also can assist an addict of intercourse’s addiction. So living in a monetarist or just removing yourself from your well known environment can be all you need for a sexual addiction to become a lifestyle of the past.

But, if you feel lost or that you are a victim of sex addiction, please seek help from your local SAA group or call the national substance abuse hotline. Thought the substance abuse hotline is mainly for substances such as marijuana, heroine, methamphetamine and other substances it can assist with sex addiction as well. Getting help is what is most important because you can live a life while managing addiction.

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